Intro to Jamie, 101

Hello! I’ve been putting this off, because I’m an introvert/lurker, but I found my courage today.

I’m Jamie, former dweller of a megachurch’s labyrinth. I’ve got some therapy and self-reflection under my belt nowadays, and my hope is that I’ll be less susceptible to getting drawn into toxic situations going forward. (Or that I’ll at least remember the sunk cost fallacy if I do find myself in one.)

I was raised Catholic (4/7 Sacraments and K-8 in a Catholic school chock full ‘o nuns), and went from there to “spiritual,” to evangelical, to, now, agnostic atheist. I have a lot of still-evangelical in-laws, who are sad/angry/etc. about my husband and I no longer believing the same things they do, and I get the sense that they blame me. It makes things with them…fraught.

I once wrote a seven-page, single-spaced burn letter about the circumstances that led me to question my evangelical beliefs, and that was just an overview, hah! So, fair warning: I can get verbose in a written medium. Remind me to chill, if necessary.

I enjoy gardening and learning about history. I love listening to podcasts and audiobooks. My family is at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19, so I’m excited about the potential for online community.

Random facts about me:

  • My favorite job was being a ghost tour guide.
  • I knit dragons for my kid.
  • I met my husband when he kayaked out about a mile into the ocean to rescue my blown-away beach ball, 22 years ago.

Yay! Thanks for sharing @jamiemyselfandi and finding the courage and trust to share. I can’t wait to see how verbose you can’t can get. :wink: