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The Bridgerton soundtrack, while I frantically look up genealogical records on a website that’s temporarily free for the weekend in honor of the anniversary of D-Day. :sweat_smile:

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Finally, it’s almost here, the release you’ve all been waiting for! Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats return with an unquestionable masterpiece, which exceeds all expectations. Nell’ ora blu is a cinematic audio experience of epic proportions, featuring exclusive guest appearances from a cast of Italian film legends from the phenomenal Giallo/Poliziotteschi era of the late 60s-mid 70s. Its leading actors; Edwige Fenech and Franco Nero, are finally together in their first ever collaboration. Musically, Nell’ ora blu goes beyond anything that could have been predicted by Uncle Acid & the Deabeats and is a mind-bending journey of epic proportions.