Privacy Ideas

Hey everyone;

I have been thinking about this for a bit, and I wanted to let you know one thing, and get your input on a second.

  1. You don’t have to use your real name if you would prefer to not enter that when signing up. One of the reasons I chose this forums software is so I can host it freely at my house. The data goes no-where other than here, in my laundry room. No company will ever own or see this data. That being said…
  2. What do you all think about having a section of this website that was private, and only vetted members can access the posts inside. Right now the webiste is public to encourage engagement, but I can see a time and place when there might be conversations that are more private. What do you all think?

One additional note, this website has a encryption feature for internal messages that you need to enable (You should see a banner when you first sign up at the top to create some keys.) If you do that, messages to other users will be encrypted and no one else can read them. Let me know if that feature could use a better explanation.

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  1. I’m fine using my name, but I completely empathize with why others wouldn’t want to, especially if they still have ties to an evangelical community and have concerns about being outed as having doubts or having deconverted.

  2. I really like this idea.

And I’m not really savvy about encryption or keys, so I would be grateful for an expanded explanation!

Thanks for saying that. I need to create a little how to video on what those do. I will whip that up shortly.

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