S01E01 - First Episode - An Introduction

Hi. This is Robert and Lindsay Johnson here.

We have spent the last few years picking up the pieces of our spiritual lives after leaving an evangelical mega-church. In this episode, we discuss why creating this podcast is an important step for us both.

  • Also, what’s in a name?
  • Future podcast episodes (what’s to come)
  • Fears
  • Transparency
  • Goals

As you will hear in this introductory episode, we will go over why we are doing this and what we hope to achieve.


  • We want to recognize that each person’s path in life is unique and can only be experienced by them.
  • We respect many walks of faith, anti-faith, backgrounds, and histories.
  • We are not trying to sell something, assert something or prove something. We are only sharing our thoughts and experiences.

Interest Piqued? Dig Deeper:

BTW, it was “I drink and I know things.”