S01e06 - 2016

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Editorial Corrections

Digging Deeper


Character Matters

Was America Great?

Women’s Issues

  • Single women were given the right to birth control 50 years ago today (Mar 22, 2022) TheHill.com Link
  • 7 in 10 Women Who Have Had an Abortion Identify as a Christian LifeWay Research Link
  • Percentage distribution of U.S. women obtaining abortions in nonhospital settings and of all U.S. women aged 15-44, and abortion index, by selected characteristics, 2014 and 2008 Guttmacher Institute PDF
  • Can Endometriosis Increase Your Risk for Miscarriage? Endofound.org Link
  • Did Trump Claim Credit for Overturning Roe v. Wade? Snopes.com Link

Guns, Violence

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I’ve been thinking about this episode a bit. I have received some feedback. Why didn’t you talk about Jan 6th? What about the different evangelical factions? Frankly, these topics were beyond the scope Lindsay and I originally set out.

Our conversation was just that; a conversation on our personal views and experiences. The topic of evangelicals and Trump is honestly larger than Lindsay and I can layout. However, I have recently watched a video that I think might give some folks that are interested in this topic more to go on.